You think there’s only 21M Bitcoin? Think again, says Weiss Ratings

There are actually more than 21 million Bitcoins (BTC) in the world, according to the rating agency Weiss, as it looks at the major exchanges.

In a May 25 tweet, Weiss, who is well known for his controversial crypto-currency posts, argued that the exchanges use leverage to give the impression that there are more Bitcoins than actually exist.

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Over 21 million is Weiss‘ „unpopular opinion
„Unpopular opinion: #Bitcoin’s supply is over 21 million,“ says the post.

Exchanges take advantage of the existing supply of any #Bitcoin in the same way that banks take advantage of the supply of trust money.

Weiss seemed to criticize the exchange model more widely. Custody exchanges, still overwhelmingly popular despite recent mass exits, involve an element of trust that the company considers undesirable.

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The tweet concludes:

The only protection is to keep your own cryptosystems. If you don’t have your passwords, they’re not your crypto-currencies.

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Weiss disagrees with Bitcoin’s „C-“ market performance
As reported by Cointelegraph, Bitcoin’s exchange reserves are currently at their lowest point since late 2018. The change of opinion occurred independently of the efforts of Bitcoin users to raise awareness of the risks of third-party custody. announces that it will have a mobile app this year
Bitcoin exchange reserves 1-year chart

Specifically, the Proof of Keys event, which occurred twice on January 3 this year and last, seemed to have little impact on the exchanges‘ reserves.

For his part, Weiss has felt the heat of his cryptomonal classifications, which routinely placed certain altcoins above Bitcoin.

The objections arise from the idea that Bitcoin technology has not yet seen a real competitor improving its capabilities and convincing existing users to leave the BTC network.

Currently, Bitcoin is at the top with an overall score of A-. Dragging it down, according to Weiss, is the „market performance“, which has a score of C-.