Portal Fantasy: Unveiling a New Dimension of Adventures on Polygon!

• Portal Fantasy is launching its closed beta on Polygon.
• Players must complete challenges to access the game.
• The game is expanding its reach onto multiple blockchains.

Portal Fantasy Reaches Polygon

Portal Fantasy, a free-to-play pixel adventure game, is rolling out its closed beta onto Polygon after launching it on Avalanche. Players must complete challenges to gain access to the game. The developers are excited to join the expansive Polygon ecosystem and believe it will propel them closer towards their 2023 roadmap goals.

2023 Roadmap Progress

The Portal Fantasy team has been following their 2023 roadmap closely and have successfully completed their first phase of development which includes fundraising, deploying a mini-game, and launching an official website. They are currently in the second phase of development which involves rolling out the closed beta on both Avalanche and Polygon as well as running Community Beta Pass challenge events for players to gain exclusive access to the game.

Low Cost Transactions & Scalable Security

As promised in their roadmap, Portal Fantasy chose Polygon due to its low cost instant transactions, scalable security, and growing community of gamers. By joining this network they look forward to taking advantage of these features while also continuing with their third phase of development which involves airdropping Beta Passes onto Avalanche users on March 24th and Polygon users on April 10th.

What is a Beta Pass?

A Beta Pass grants players exclusive access to Portal Fantasy’s adventures within the game as well as offering other benefits such as exclusive rewards, bonus items, and more! These passes will be available through completing challenges or from participating in various events hosted by Portal Fantasy throughout their journey across multiple blockchains during their closed beta launch period.

Exciting Future Ahead

Portal Fantasy is still hard at work developing new content for players beyond what’s already available in the closed beta version of the game. As they progress with their 2023 roadmap goals they look forward to taking their adventures into exciting new dimensions with additional launches across multiple blockchains!