Justin Sun Denies Selling Huobi Exchange To Binance

• Justin Sun denies trying to sell Huobi exchange to Binance
• Sun called Binance a valuable partner
• No offer made by Sun to sell Huobi exchange

Justin Sun Denies Trying to Sell the Exchange

Recently, rumors circulated that Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun was attempting to sell the crypto-exchange Huobi. However, in an interview with Cointelegraph, Sun denied any such attempts. He stated that he had not offered the sale of Huobi exchange and called Binance a valuable partner.

The Rumors

Rumors started circulating after Bloomberg reported that Binance was in talks with Sun about buying Huobi exchange. The report said that the two companies had been in negotiations for several months and were close to signing a deal. This led many people to speculate that there may have been some truth behind these rumors. However, when asked about the matter during his interview with Cointelegraph, Sun flatly denied any such attempt at selling Huobi exchange.

Sun’s Statement

When questioned about whether he had tried offering the sale of Huobi exchange, Sun replied: “No”. He also went on to praise Binance and call them a „valuable partner“. He further clarified his relationship with them stating: “I don’t think I’ve ever considered selling Huobi or doing anything like that,“ adding “We’re very happy working together with Binance.“

Binance’s Response

                                     In response to this denial from Justin Sun, Binance replied: „We can confirm there has never been any discussion between us and Mr. Justin Sun regarding the acquisition of an exchange,“ indicating no knowledge of such talks either from their side or Mr.Sun’s side. They did however state their appreciation for working together as „partners“.


                                                      In conclusion it appears as though both parties deny any talks about selling or buying an exchange between them although they remain open minded towards future collaborations as indicated by their statements of appreciation for each other’s work as partners in this industry.